Who we work with

While we firmly believe that anyone can benefit from outsourced administrative support, there are certain types of people and companies that best suit our style.

You’ll get the most out of a relationship with us if you are ready to let go of some areas of your business, if you’re open to change, and if you’re open to suggestions for process improvements - if you’re not going to get hung up on the way you’ve “always done it”.

Likewise, it works best if you’re ready to commit to a longer-term relationship where we can truly get to know your business and your needs, and help empower you to achieve greater heights - or to achieve that important goal of spending more time with your family, actually taking holidays, filing your accounts on time, and so on.

We help people like these

● Freelancers and creative types who can’t deal with admin and need a hand to get organised and be more efficient or productive.

● Small businesses that don’t have the resource or workload to employ help full-time in-house, but do have enough on that they need part-time support.

● Startups that are scaling quickly, or that are just starting out and need support getting the processes and policies right to enable that quick growth.

Shelley Hoppe, Spoon

Caroline was my virtual EA for about 2 years before taking a career break for her maternity leave. Now, two years later, her skills are still legendary on my team, where she is remembered both fondly and with some degree of reverence. She is a wonderful combination of astute, organised, clever, resourceful, reliable and also very, very personable and easy to get along with. She simply makes a good impression on everyone she comes into contact with - even, somehow, the person that she is kicking out of your diary at the last minute! I can't recommend her highly enough.

André Spiteri, Maverick Words

Caroline is the Liam Neeson of VAs.

When a series of unfortunate events left me with an unpaid invoice and no one to turn to, she straightened everything out for me in a matter of days. 

Caroline is friendly, organised, and doggedly persistent. Having her in your corner is a huge weight off your shoulders when you’re busy running a business. Hire her right now.

Lauren McMenemy, The Content Type

Caroline is, quite simply, magic. My business admin was a total mess; 3 years of neglect meant my accounts, bookkeeping, projects and more were a nightmare. Caroline came in and sorted me out quickly, efficiently, and always with a smile. She is incredibly patient with my lack of organisation while still poking me with the proverbial stick as needed. I always thought a VA was a luxury for a sole proprietor, but she's a total asset and has taken a load off my shoulders so I can focus on servicing my clients first.